Fall DPSF Grants Awarded in October 2019

A total of $4,165.00 for the following Projects

Kindergarten - Listening Center

2nd Grade - Stem Activities 

2nd Grade - Greenhouse System

3rd Grade - Stem & Social Studies

3rd Grade - Chrome Books

4th Grade - Stem Solar System

5th Grade - Spelling City

5th Grade - Stem Boxes, Part 2

9th - 12th - U.S. History, Digital Learning 


Spring DPSF Grants Awarded in January 2020

A total of $2,571.48 for the following Projects

Kindergarten - Dramatic Play Center

2nd Grade - Art Plays a Part in Education

2nd Grade - Guided Reading

3rd Grade - Model Rocket Project

5th Grade - Improving the Digital Classroom

5th through 12th (Band) - Music Library restoration

Dewar Public School Foundation

The goals of the Foundation .. . . . is to encourage excellence in education by funding initiatives to benefit all the students of Dewar Public Schools.

These Grants are made possible by the generous donations to the Foundation.  The Foundation ask for Applications for Grants twice a year.  We encourage all Teachers to submit Grant Applications.  It is such a joy to be able to present these Teachers and their students with the money they are needing for Educational Projects or improvements to teaching aids.  Thank you!

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Educational & Charitable Organization

 The Foundation is a tax deductible, non-profit public entity. It is chartered by the State of Oklahoma and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an educational and charitable foundation to promote academic excellence.