Dewar Public School Foundation

The goals of the Foundation .. . . . is to encourage excellence in education by funding initiatives to benefit all the students of Dewar Public Schools.

 Dewar Public School Foundation is to enrich and maximize the quality of education available in the Dewar Public School District. In order to accomplish its mission, the Foundation encourages contributions for endowment purposes and current programs. The Foundation plans and administers all programs in cooperation with the Dewar Public School District administration. The Foundation, however, is a separate entity.

Goals of the Foundation:
To encourage academic excellence
To facilitate innovative educational activities
To promote continued community involvement in the schools

The financial goal for the Foundation is to build an endowment that will support the grants to classroom teachers, to fund innovative education activities to the students.

The Dewar Public School Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation founded for the purpose of raising and providing support for the teachers and students of Dewar Public School District. Monies raised are invested and distributed through a competitive grant and award program.

If you would like more information about the DPSF, are interested in making a donation or volunteering your services, or just want to visit about the Dewar Schools, please contact Donna Fields, DPSF Secretary at or phone (918) 619-2606. Or  Diane Hester, DPSF President at or phone (918) 691-5346.

Educational & Charitable Organization

 The Foundation is a tax deductible, non-profit public entity. It is chartered by the State of Oklahoma and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an educational and charitable foundation to promote academic excellence.

Our goal is simple: To help Dewar Public School achieve a higher level of education for their student, by reaching one student at a time.

Dewar Public School Foundation!